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Sujet: "Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository. (Lu 3291 fois) sujet précédent - sujet suivant
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"Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository.

As you may have already guessed I do not know any french. I was first alerted to this repository several days ago, and found that one of my skins is available on the repository. I am perfectly fine with this, but, I am unsure what source the repository is using. I would like to have the most up to date source for the skin to be available, which would be my google code page. If someone could assist me in getting this updated that would be wonderful.

# Non-members may check out a read-only working copy anonymously over HTTP.
svn checkout rapier-mikoto-read-only


Oh, and also Author is "Matteius" not mikoto. Mikoto is a release name I use for all my projects.

Re : "Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository.

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Hi Matteius,

Thanks for passing by  :gniark:. Your skin available in the repository is retrieved automatically from SVN (I think everyday), not sure which SVN thus.
Sorry for the mistake on the author, we are going to look into that.

Re : "Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository.

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I never gave anyone my repository link til now, I actually didn't know there were other repositories. I am happy that someone took the initiative to put it up at all ^_^

Re : "Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository.

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i've uptated the repo, new compilation should be available tonight

Re : "Rapier [Mikoto Build]" on the repository.

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Thanks for the help ^_^

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