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PVR / DVR options for 2018 and beyond

history: i'm a long time WMC user the usage of an HD HomeRun high and 2 Xbox 360 as extenders with a beefy i7 i920 device as my again give up. With the increasing unreliability of WMC manual facts and my extenders crashing all the time, i am looking to map out new alternatives.

i recently bought an Nvidia protect 2017. i've got a FLIRC and am acquainted with harmony / Kodi setup and all of that stuff. i'm seeking to determine out what the great back quit PVR software program is nowadays to use inside of Kodi and use that as my go-to live tv and PVR answer.

What i've dominated out:

i use Plex and feature a Plex pass. It seems like it'd one day be the visit answer, but it is no longer there but. because the server transcodes ALL stay tv viewing and all recordings, it is actually impossible to observe recordings which can be in development. I don't know that it's going to ever be viable unless they totally transform the manner the issue holds tuners and writes the recordings. It additionally does not have grid view guide, but we understand that is coming quickly. So, it is not truely an choice.

i am testing Channels DVR right now and the Channels app for Android, however it is more often than not an Apple first app and i do not know that they may ever attention on Android sufficient (also don't know if it has the capability to apply an IR far off like a concord either) to make it worth the $eight a month.

so that brings me to Kodi.

It looks like there may be basically TVHeadEnd, MythTV, and NextPVR because the three heavyweights. i have sincerely installation TVHeadEnd on my Synology NAS and were given it operating satisfactory with Kodi for stay television viewing. I did not integrate an EPG because it was pretty arcane to do so (like maximum of TVHeadEnd) and became handiest trying out. I don't have a "actual" Linux field to run TVHeadEnd sadly, and my Synology DS214 is probably underpowered for the task. however if it is the pleasant, i can move the greater mile and set up a real pc with Ubuntu LTS. i'll also pony up for manual information for something solution

 i will select, however I wish there was a manner that i'm able to steal Plex's manual facts when you consider that i am already procuring it]


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