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Titre: T3CH XBMC 2008-08-12 SVN rev14853-ALPHA3
Publié par: Shaitan le 12 Août 2008 22:01:25
L'Alpha 3 est dispo. (il n'y aura plus de nouvelle release avant Xbmc Atlantis dans environ deux mois, version finale et peut être dernière release pour Xbox)

Téléchargement T3CH XBMC 2008-08-12 SVN rev14853-ALPHA3 (

D'après le changelog, des avancées avec Python, (backports linux), correction avec les lecteurs, un peu de chance et on oublie les deux dernières versions pénibles sur consoles.
Concernant Python, Temhil nous informe qu'un grand nombre de Scripts peuvent ne plus fonctionner..

2008-08-12  14853  merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14844 -> 14852
2008-08-11  14845  merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14823 -> 14844
2008-08-11  14825  merged: Syncronized the scraper changes between branch + trunk.
2008-08-11  14824  merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14818 -> 14823
2008-08-11  14822  fixed: Make sure we reload TTF fonts *after* we set the new
                  resolution, not before (backport from linuxport)
2008-08-11  14819  merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14730 -> 14818
2008-08-10  14815  fixed: imdb was not scraping the year correctly due to a minor
                  imdb change (untested)
2008-08-10  14807  fixed: windowxml windows wouldn't consistently call onInit().
                  (backported from linux branch rev14801)
2008-08-10  14799  changed: Call through the correct baseclass of winxml (shouldn't
                  actually effect anything, as GUIMediaWindow doesn't override any of these functions).
                  (backported from linux branch rev14798, thanks jmarshall) fixed: win32 did not
2008-08-09  14788  fixed: Python media lists were not rendered until an action
2008-08-09  14779  fixed: after last merge mplayer wouldn't restore back from
                  fullscreen window if you stopped playback
2008-08-09  14757  fixed: WinXML files wouldn't load in release binaries.
2008-08-09  14755  fixed: WindowXML python scripts could fail on exit (another
                  pointer assumption)
2008-08-09  14754  fixed: WindowXML python scripts could randomly fail. When casting
                  a pointer, make sure you know what it is...
2008-08-09  14753  fixed: Python progress dialog was broken.
2008-08-08  14748  fixed: LTCG compilation (thanks jmarshall)
2008-08-08  14747  changed: do not auto create thumbs for picture plugins folders
                  (thanks cptspiff) (backported from linuxbranch rev 14746)
2008-08-08  14740  fixed: _P() macro not defined for trunk
2008-08-08  14739  changed: duplicate settings order numbers in appearance settings
2008-08-08  14737  changed: "U:\" isn't mapped right on xbox, changed back to "Q:\"
2008-08-08  14736  changed: English strings missing id 13412
2008-08-08  14734  removed: OnInitWindow() procedure from window xml - this shouldn't
                  be needed.
2008-08-08  14733  merged: Linuxport changes from rev 14280 -> 14730.
2008-08-05  14682  added: python localized strings for scripts, new Language() class.
                  you subclass it like the Player() class. back ported from Linux rev14680(Thanks
2008-07-31  14609  fixed: dvdplayer wouldn't display still frames following a VTS
                  change (could happen on initial startup).
2008-07-30  14606  fixed: dvdplayer would sometimes log "CDVDDemuxFFmpeg::Read() no
                  valid packet" continuously on some dvd's
2008-07-30  14602  changed: ListItem_SetInfo, added date for picture content
                  (backported rev 14601)
2008-07-30  14595  added: lineStart and numLines parameters to the httpapi
                  GetMediaLocation and GetDirectory commands to allow the response to be retrieved in
                  chunks for low powered clients
2008-07-28  14543  fixed: Navigation issues due to kai button removal on pm3 home.
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